Character Ed

The CFLA will maintain a student-centered school culture in which students have primary responsibility for discipline and leadership. Within the framework of this philosophy, students and faculty will work together to address non-productive attitudes and behaviors and to recognize excellence. Students will lead small group and grade level meetings, participating in teaching the basic character principles of the school. Each student will take responsibility for, and will be held accountable for, his or her own actions and decisions and will be constantly challenged in an action-reflection cycle to decide: Who am I? Where am I going? How am I going to get there?

Character Ed

Based on the Hyde School program, the character curriculum will be focused on these five principles and five values:

Courage, Concern, Curiosity, Integrity, Leadership

Destiny, Humility, Conscience, Truth, Brother’s Keeper


Courage - I learn the most about myself by facing challenges and taking risks.

Concern - I need a challenging and supportive community in which to develop my character.

Curiosity - I am responsible for my own learning.

Integrity - I am gifted with a unique potential and conscience is my guide to discovering it.

Leadership - I am a leader through asking the best of myself and the best of others.


Destiny - Each of us is gifted with a unique potential.

Humility - We believe in a power and purpose beyond ourselves.

Conscience - We achieve our best through character and conscience.

Truth - Is our primary guide.

Brother’s Keeper - We help others achieve their best.