Jonathan Adamson

Email: Jonathan.Adamson@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): 6th grade Language Arts, Social Studies, PE
College: Elmira College (B.S.)
Teaching experience: Teaching Experience: Teaching since 2015
Certification related information.

Melissa Alvarado

Email: Melissa.Alvarado@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): Intro. to Spanish, Spanish I, II, III, and IV
College: University of Central Florida, B.A.
Teaching experience: Teaching and tutoring since 2007

Dahlia Baerga

Email: Dahlia.Baerga@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): MS Language Arts
College: St. Joseph’s University, B.A.
Teaching experience: Began teaching in 2016
Certification related information.

Brenda Coulombe

Email: Brenda.Coulombe@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): Art, Peer Counselling
College: University of Florida, B.F.A.
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2012; .

Lauren Casebolt

Email: Lauren.Casebolt@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): Algebra 1, Geometry, MS PSD
College: University of Central Florida, B.S.
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2014

Tonja Christopher

Email: Tonja.Christopher@cflacademy.org@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): MS Science, Creative Writing
College: Georgia Southern, B.S.; University of Phoenix, M.A.; Capella University, Ph.D.
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2004.

Stephen Cauley

Email: Stephen.Cauley@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): MS Chorus, HS Music
College: Rollins College, B.A. Music
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2004

Sheldon Hill

Email: Sheldon.Hill@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): MS PE, HS Hope, and HS Personal Fitness
College: UCF, B.S. (Sports and Exercise Science)
Teaching experience: Full-time teaching beginning in 2016

Laurie Matz

Email: Laurie.Matz@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): 6th Grade Math and Science, HS Algegra I
College: Syracuse University, B.S.
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2003

Ted Payton

Email: Ted.Payton@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): MS Civics, MS Theatre, HS World Cultural Geography
College: University of North Florida, B.A., Florida Coastal School of Law, J.D.
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2010

Catherine Perez

Email: Catherine.Perez@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, AP Biology
College: Florida International University, B.S.
Teaching experience: Began teaching in 2015.

Amy Rose-Young

Email: Amy.Roseyoung@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): 7th and 8th grade Language Arts, MS and HS Reading
College: University of Central Florida, B.A.
Teaching experience: Began full-time teaching in 2014
Certification related information.

Lance Schreiber

Email: Lance.Schreiber@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): Computer Technology
College: Oklahoma State University, B.S.; University of Central Florida, M.S.
Teaching experience: Teaching High School since 2011 (plus 5 years as a college adjunct professor)

Jamie Spencer

Email: Jamie.Spencer@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): MS Math and HS Math for College Success
College: California State Fullerton, B.A. Concordia University, M.Ed.
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2000

Mike Serra

Email: Mike.Serra@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): MS Social Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Ethics, and Engaged Citizenship
College: Rider University, B.A.; University of Southern California, M.A.
Teaching experience: Began teaching full-time in 2015.

William Turner

Email: Will.Turner@cflacademy.org
Subject(s): HS Social Studies, AP Government, JROTC
College: University of South Florida, B.S.
Teaching experience: Teaching since 2007.